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专辑里的这首《Ambulance Blues》歌的背景故事: 1969年,在美国他乡成名后,倔强的NeilYoung回到Riverboat,一口气演了整整一个星期,并写下《AmbulanceBlues》,他在歌中一开始就这么唱道:“

专辑里的这首《Ambulance Blues》歌的背景故事:
1969年,在美国他乡成名后,倔强的Neil Young回到Riverboat,一口气演了整整一个星期,并写下《Ambulance Blues》,他在歌中一开始就这么唱道:“Back in the old folky days,The air was magic when we played. The riverboat was rockin'in the rain……”以此纪念他在Yorkville那段青葱岁月。

What was Su's life like when he was in exile?

He was once again his natural self after being degraded to a post in the southern part of China. Internally, he found himself free from the responsibilities and made peace with his destiny. Externally, there was no shortage of vistiors, from whom Su discovered the formula for making the best wine. He enjoyed not only drinking, but also expeimenting with it. 


[ɪm'pen.dɪŋ] adjective [before noun]

■describes an event, usually something unpleasant or unwanted, that is going to happen soon (通常指不愉快或不受欢迎的事件)即将发生的,逼近的

•impending disaster/doom即将来临的灾难/劫数

•Lineker announced his impending retirement from international football before the 1992 European Championships.莱因克尔在1992年欧锦赛之前宣布即将退出国际足坛。

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■speed V

to (cause to) move, go or happen fast

•The train sped along at over 120 miles per hour.火车以每小时120多哩的速度飞驰。

•We sped down the ski slopes.我们飞速滑下滑雪坡。

•This year is speeding by/past.这一年过得特别快。

•Ambulances sped the injured people (= moved them quickly) away from the scene.救护车载着伤患飞速驶离现场。

•The best thing you can do to speed your recovery (= make it quicker) is to rest.尽快让身体康复的最佳方法就是休息。

be speeding

■to be driving faster than you are legally allowed to do 违法超速驾驶

•He was caught speeding.他超速驾驶被抓到了。

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•The bride took/used the occasion to make a short speech.新娘利用这个机会简短地讲了几句。

Many of them are able to live a much envied life of freedom. The price for such freedom was the willingness to forsake fame and wealth...to sleep in the open.

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